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About Gelie Akhenblit

Gelie is most well known for the vision and execution of her unique networking platform, NetworkingPhoenix; which she founded in 2008 and has since revolutionized the landscape of networking.

She currently has the largest networking community of professionals in Phoenix, AZ with over 40K members.

In addition to running NetworkingPhoenix, Gelie works with clients and companies on a consulting basis in helping them grow. She is who you engage with when you understand the value of that "one connection" that can change the trajectory of everything.

Gelie frequently gets hired as a Business Development Consultant to provide warm introductions between companies and individuals. She has spent 12 years building up her professional network and is extremely familiar with the business landscape of Phoenix.

As her tagline goes "Who do you want to meet? I'll introduce you."

A seasoned presenter, Gelie has been on many stages and media platforms speaking on the importance of having a winning strategy when engaging in face-to-face networking and the power of building and maintaining strategic relationships.

In 2015, Gelie was invited to deliver a TEDx talk on the topic of freedom. In her message, she shared her story of being a political refugee from the former Soviet Union and how her journey to freedom has evolved and led her to, relentlessly, chase after her dreams and happiness.

When she's not working on conquering the world or writing about some of her darkest moments, she's spending time with her young daughter, working out and enjoying the guilty pleasure of Netflix binging.


Gelie is a 2012 honoree of Arizona Foothills Magazine's 10 Women Who Move the Valley; azcentral.com's 2011 Intriguing People in Arizona Business; 2011 Young ATHENA finalist; 2011 Social Media AZ Award (SMAZZIE) - category of 'Homegrown Can of Awesome'; NAWBO's Emerging Visionary 2010 Award; AZ Magazine's 35 women entrepreneurs under 35 who are helping elevate Arizona's business community 2009. 


  • High-level Business Connections
  • Business Development Consulting
  • Professional Networking Strategy
  • Organic Growth Marketing
  • Community Building/Managing/Outreach
  • Tech Start-up Founder Female CEO

To learn more about how you can engage with Gelie, please visit gelie.com