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Networking Intelligence Engine™

Because of the nature of our business, NetworkedLocal ("networkingphoenix.com", "networkedchicago.com") is extremely fortunate to have privileged access to rich data flows in the domain of business networking.

We do not take this privilege lightly; as such, we have charged ourselves with the task of transforming the millions of data points that we collect everyday into something meaningful and accessible to anybody who wants to be a more productive networker.

How? By asking a simple sounding, yet deceptively complex question, "how do people network locally?" Of course there is no elegant one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but by using sophisticated quantitative methods across many dimensions of networking data, we are able to build adaptive mathematical models that continuously get better at answering that question. We call these models, and the application of them, the Networking Intelligence Engine.

The Networking Intelligence Engine (NIE) is leveraged across the site in ways that are mostly transparent to our members; this is by design. We strive to make the user experience more personal and, above all, more relevant; because an enhanced experience should not come accross as lumpy and uneven, we purposely and deliberately make NIE intersections as seamless as possible.

Of course, there are obvious applications of the Networking Intelligence Engine (NIE). One such application is the "personalized event suggestions" filter. This filter uses NIE to predict which upcoming events an individual might best benefit from. It can do so by to drawing "similarities" between people, events, groups, and other objects in our website's networking space - where "similarity" between people is derived from NIE's ability to aggregate and mine individual and site wide demographic, biographical and descriptive information attached to member profiles and site usage (note: all such data is kept 100% private, see our FAQ for more information).

We are always looking for novel, interesting, and helpful ways to expose NIE to our members in order to improve the utility of our site and the usefulness of the user experience. As always, please contact us with your suggestions!