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NetworkedScore... what's that?

NetworkedScores are another way to help you determine if an event is worth attending or a networking group is worth joining. When you visit an event or group page, you'll notice a number on the right-hand side of the content's name. This NetworkedScore is a value between 1-100 and helps you quickly identify which events/groups are great, and which could probably be better.

NetworkedScores are based on many signals both extracted from the social graph (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn) and mined from our own rich sources of local networker activity. These signals range from the abstract, like event organizer engagement, to the directly measured, users' clicking on a star rating for example.

Not all pages will have a NetworkedScore. This can be due to the type of event/group, or we simply don't have enough information to give a reliable score.

Note that writing a review, leaving a comment, or rating an event/group may not create a noticeable and immediate change in its NetworkedScore. Again, this is because the score is a weighting of many signals and any single additional bit of information may not tip the scale in either direction.


*NetworkedScores are powered by the Networking Intelligence Engine™

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