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How do I post an event?

You must have the organizer member role to post events. You can apply to become an organizer by clicking the "Apply to Submit Events & Groups" link in the member toolbar section of your profile.


***Be sure you have are logged into your NetworkingPhoenix.com profile before proceeding with the steps below

1. First, you'll need to apply to be an Event Organizer. Just click on the link below and submit this application. 


2. You will automatically be approved as an Event Organizer once you have agreed to the terms. 

3. From here, you'll want to submit your Group with your organization's basic information. In the upper right corner of the home page you'll see the Submit Content tab. Click on this and then click on Group. Then fill out the fields and scroll down and click Submit.

4. Now you're all set to submit as many events as needed!

5. Click on the Submit Content tab (you can find this in the upper right corner of the website) and then click on Event. Fill in the fields and scroll down to click Submit. You can follow the same process for all the events you host.

Please note: The events we post must have a networking aspect to them.  In general, we will post networking mixers, referral group meetings, speed networking events and social networking functions at no cost.  We do accept business seminars, workshops, expos and charity related events. If your event falls into one of these categories, you'll have the option of entering it into our Networking Passport program or paying to get it listed and promoted. Trade out options may be available for charity events based on availability.

Extra promotional opportunities are available for all events that we list and are discussed in the pricing guide.