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Frequently Asked Questions

NetworkedScores are another way to help you determine if an event is worth attending or a networking group is worth joining. When you visit an event or group page, you'll notice a number on the right-hand side of the content's name. This NetworkedScore is a value between 1-100 and helps you quickly identify which events/groups are great, and which could probably be better.

NetworkedScores are based on many signals both extracted from the social graph (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn) and mined from our own rich sources of local networker activity. These signals range from the abstract, like event organizer engagement, to the directly measured, users' clicking on a star rating for example.

Not all pages will have a NetworkedScore. This can be due to the type of event/group, or we simply don't have enough information to give a reliable score.

Note that writing a review, leaving a comment, or rating an event/group may not create a noticeable and immediate change in its NetworkedScore. Again, this is because the score is a weighting of many signals and any single additional bit of information may not tip the scale in either direction.


*NetworkedScores are powered by the Networking Intelligence Engine™

Recent popularity is a weighted popularity score across each content type, and the entire site, whose calculation is a function of several factors:

1. Number of unique people who looked at the content
2. Time spent on content
3. Time between content requests of unique people
4. The distance from "now" that the event occurred (not a calendar event but a user event like a page view or trend detection)

The weighting for each type of event drops off logarithmically as the distance from "now" increases beyond the a set interval. The interval time is also adaptive as it can increase depending on how heavily content is trending.


1. Login to your NetworkingPhoenix.com account
2. Click on your event in the calendar
3. Click on the Edit tab above the event title

a. Scroll down to the Event Status field. It will say Active here. 
b. Click on the drop-down menu and select Cancelled

a. Scroll down to the Event Venue field. 
b. Enter the first 3 letters of the new venue into this box. For example, in order to enter EVIT as the location for the Oct. 19th event, enter the letters "EVI" into this field.
c. Then allow the system to pull up the list of matching venues. This may take about 10 seconds.
d. Select the appropriate venue from this list
a. Scroll down to the Event Date field
b. Enter Start time into the box next to the date. Be sure to note p.m. or a.m.
c. Enter End time into the box below the date. Be sure to note p.m. or a.m.

a. Scroll down to the Fees&Tickets field
b. Enter the new non-members fee into the General Admission Fee field. Be sure to use the the following format:  $50 (do not use decimals or cents)
c. Enter the new member fee into the Member Admission Fee field in the same format as stated above (do not use decimals or cents)

8. Once the updates have been made, scroll all the way down and click Submit to save this information.



This can be done by subscribing your external calendar to your personal agenda feed.  You can get your feed URL and instructions by navigating to your user profile and clicking on "Synch Agenda with Google/Outlook Calendar" in the member toolbar.

Note: You must add events to your agenda for this feature to work.  This is done on any event page by clicking on "Add to my Agenda," "RSVP," or registering for the event with your Networking Passport.



NetworkingPhoenix.com collects demographic information solely for the important purpose of better understanding, servicing, and improving the user experience for all of our members.

We respect your right to keep sensitive personal information private. We do not sell, rent, trade, or transfer any such information. Any data derived or inferred from our members' demographic information, which can publically benefit our community, is shared with the community only in aggregate (i.e. stripped of any information which could individually identify any member).




You must have the organizer member role to post events. You can apply to become an organizer by clicking the "Apply to Submit Events & Groups" link in the member toolbar section of your profile.


***Be sure you have are logged into your NetworkingPhoenix.com profile before proceeding with the steps below

1. First, you'll need to apply to be an Event Organizer. Just click on the link below and submit this application. 


2. You will automatically be approved as an Event Organizer once you have agreed to the terms. 

3. From here, you'll want to submit your Group with your organization's basic information. In the upper right corner of the home page you'll see the Submit Content tab. Click on this and then click on Group. Then fill out the fields and scroll down and click Submit.

4. Now you're all set to submit as many events as needed!

5. Click on the Submit Content tab (you can find this in the upper right corner of the website) and then click on Event. Fill in the fields and scroll down to click Submit. You can follow the same process for all the events you host.

Please note: The events we post must have a networking aspect to them.  In general, we will post networking mixers, referral group meetings, speed networking events and social networking functions at no cost.  We do accept business seminars, workshops, expos and charity related events. If your event falls into one of these categories, you'll have the option of entering it into our Networking Passport program or paying to get it listed and promoted. Trade out options may be available for charity events based on availability.

Extra promotional opportunities are available for all events that we list and are discussed in the pricing guide.



You must have the organizer member role to add networking groups. You can apply to become an organizer by clicking the "Apply to Submit Events & Groups" link in the member toolbar section of your profile.

Please note: The groups that we list on our site must either be an explicit business or professional networking group, or hold events that have networking aspect to them.



While there are many ways to use the event filters to find events near you, the easiest way is to use the "Find events near me: Home | Work" link in the event search box on both the events calendar and events map pages.  Simply click on either home or work and you'll see a view of events filtered down by a 5 mile driving distance to you (note: you will need to fill out your home and/or work address in your profile for these functions to work - if you've already filled out this information, you may need to resubmit it for the proper geocoding to take place).  You can further narrow down your results by applying additional event filters (i.e. women's groups meeting within 10 miles of my work).




NetworkingPhoenix.com is the Valley's one-stop-shop for professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, people in transition and anyone else looking to find networking events, chamber of commerce mixers, useful business seminars and leads clubs to grow their network.

Use our free consolidated calendar to explore the networking events throughout the Valley and publicize your own groups and organizations.

We also host a wealth of training seminars, workshops, and other educational opportunities to help you develop your networking skills and expand your business.

Because of our high page rank, search engines pick up information on our site, which makes this great for Search Engine Optimization purposes. So if you have your own business, don’t miss out on the free promotion!

Our website also provides various opportunities to promote your company! Please contact us for a media kit if you’re interested in details.




At the top of the screen, you should see the phrase ‘Join Now’ in red letters. Click on that and follow the prompts.

You will only be required to put in your email and create a password. However, you might want to fill out a full profile for full optimization.

Because of our high page rank, search engines pick up information on our site, which makes this great for Search Engine Optimization purposes. So if you have your own business or are trying to promote your company, don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Please contact us for a media kit and we’ll provide you with detailed information.

The most common reason for this is trying to login with the wrong username. If you've forgotten your username, you can also login using your email address.

If you still can't login, you can request a new password here.

If you continue to have problems, please feel free to contact us to help resolve your issue.



In order to receive emails from us, you will need to create a free professional profile on our site. You can later remove yourself from the list by unsubscribing from the emails in your profile at anytime.

You'll find the option to create a new account on the top of this web page in red letters where it says 'Join Now.' Just click on it and follow the prompts.

Please refer to the ‘Event Filters’ link right above the calendar on the home page. You will see that you can filter by various options. Select the ‘Job Seekers’ box and hit ‘Submit.’ This will bring up events that only cater to job seekers.

Absolutely! Please refer to the ‘Event Filters’ link right above the calendar on the home page. You will see that you can filter by various options. Select the filters that will help you narrow events based on your preference.

While some organizers use our system for RSVP purposes, MANY do not.

If an event requires an RSVP through the organization or has a fee, please make sure you RSVP through their system.

You can access the organization’s website by clicking on the link at the very bottom of the event description that says ‘Website.’

No. We compile and promote all these events, but they are not events that we host. NetworkingPhoenix.com puts on four big Signature events a year. If you create a profile on the site, you will be notified of them.

Yes.  Simply click on the Export to Outlook/iCal link in the Event Toolbar on any event page.




  • You can now rate events! Click on the ‘Review this Event’ link found in the ‘Event Tools’ box (in the event description page).
  • You can filter the calendar by many different options. Click on the ‘Event Filters’ link at the top of the calendar and select the options you’d like to filter by.
  • You can search the entire site for Members, Events, Organizations and Venues. This option is found at the top of the screen on the right.
  • You can also view Members, Events, Organizations and Venues in various different lists by selecting the options from the drop down menus found at the top of the website.
  • Check out our exclusive Member Deals! We’ll keep adding to this section as we grow.

The quick answer is no. However, there are cases, when you're a premium passport member, you have signed up for a free event, and you have not blocked third party communication in your account, that your email address may be shared with the event organizer. This is purely to help facilitate commucation between both parties (premium passport event organizers are subject to our privacy policy). For detailed information, please visit our privacy policy: http://www.networkingphoenix.com/help/privacy-policy