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Tutorial videos compiled in this module will help you navigate the website and explore all the great features and benefits that will save you time and add value. 

authors Meghan Dorn Jalowiec,
Gelie Akhenblit
subjects How To,
Advanced Features,
Find Events,
Event Attendance,
Networking Passport Events,
Networking Passport,
Profile Management,
Premium Membership,
Event Submission,
Group Submission,
Venue Submission
level Beginner
& Intermediate
& Expert
duration 33 minutes
13 minutes 18 seconds
These videos will show you how to sign up for your Networking Passport membership, print your ticket, update your billing and cancel. 
8 minutes 10 seconds
The series of videos in this group will show you how to create, edit and maintain your profile on this website. It's in your best interest to have the most current and up-to-date information about yourself and business entered into your profile. Based on the information you provide, we can suggest personalized events and your will be found in searches much easier. 
5 minutes 46 seconds
This video series will explain how to obtain the organizer status on our website so that you can submit events and groups. There are a few steps you must take to understand our rules and guidelines. While it may seem like a lengthy process initially...once everything is set up, it's much quicker to get events submitted in the future. We do this to protect our members and make sure that all submitted events are vetted and a fit for our membership.
6 minutes 12 seconds
The videos in this section will explore some of the great time saving tools and features of this website. Learn how to filter events, add events to your agenda (and why this is beneficial), how to sync events to your calendar and export your event log for tax purposes.