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Networking Passport Monthly Mixer

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Absolutely an amazing time put on by an amazing person. Its so nice to be able to get back out in person and meet with people and Gelie couldnt have set up a better networking event. Was an amazing networking even with a great turnout with great people, couldnt say anything bad about it except that it ended!!!
Thanks so much for taking your time to put it together Gelie, your amazing.

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It was a pleasure meeting you again at the networking event.  This was my first event as a passport member and I couldn't be more impressed.  

I was able to meet two solid connections that I believe will be mutually beneficial. 

Already looking forward to the next social networking event.


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The event was too packed for me to be hear people well w/ whom I was conversing.  I would like to see future events in a setting w/ better acoustics (outdoor, high ceiling) where the sound dissipates better (weaker echo from the ceiling) so it's easier to hear the other person(s).

Is Tempe Marketplace a feasible site or would the venue charge too much?

That said, a higher percentage of my conversations produced potentially valuable contacts than most networking events I've attended.

Thank you, Mitra & Gelie et al., for arranging this event!