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The Word "SURE"

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by Cheryl Clark (Jul 24, 2017)

Sure – this word has gotten me into more trouble than any other four-letter word business wise.

Seems like a harmless word, doesn't it?  Sure! 

I had a plan....

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by Cheryl Clark (Jun 30, 2017)

I had a plan….

I was going to build a business!  Oh yes, I was!

I was going to make money!  I was going to be comfortable!  I was going to have a new laptop, car, fancy planner, printed materials, great website and more! 

I had a plan….

What do you struggle with? Really!

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by Cheryl Clark (May 24, 2017)

I asked 73 business owners what is your number one struggle as a business owner.  Can you guess what the answer was?  How would you answer this?

68 of them said ‘marketing’.
5 of them said ‘time management’.

Which leads me to this question – do we “REALLY” know what we struggle with?  Until we truly know and understand our struggle how can we fix it or look for a solution?

Let me get to what I mean…