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Are You Socially Acceptable?

Are You Socially Acceptable?'s picture
by Mitra Khamedoost (Aug 16, 2009)

If you’re busy like most of the business owners I know, then the answer is probably ‘not so much.’ Check out these highly sought after social media seminars below that I know will propel your growth!


$6 Million for 6 Million: Fundraising Effort to Make 88 year old Survivor's Story into a Film

$6 Million for 6 Million: Fundraising Effort to Make 88 year old Survivor's Story into a Film's picture
by Mitra Khamedoost (Aug 15, 2009)

Phoenix, Arizona, August 14, 2009 – Launch flix, a production company, today unveiled a new “micro fundraising” campaign called “Six Million for Six Million.” The group is making a feature film with a $6 million total budget based on the life story of eighty-eight year old Holocaust survivor and author Dr. Henry A. Oertelt. Dr. Oertelt’s award-winning book is called An Unbroken Chain, My Journey through the Nazi Holocaust. Born in Berlin Germany, of Jewish faith, Dr. Oertelt was twelve years old when Hitler came to power in 1933.

New Group - AZIMA

New Group - AZIMA's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Aug 12, 2009)

Just came back from the AZIMA Facebook event tonight and it was awesome!!!

The room was full of marketing professionals and the networking was great. This is one of those oganizations where you'll meet people that you typically wouldn't meet out and about.

I highly recommend you attend it next month. The price includes 2 free drinks and dinner!


Want to be on TV this Friday morning and get a free workout?

Want to be on TV this Friday morning and get a free workout?'s picture
by Mitra Khamedoost (Aug 5, 2009)

Message from Gelie's trainer:

Want to be on TV this Friday morning and get a free workout? Ch 10 will be doing a live shot from one of our bootcamps in N. Scottsdale. We need volunteers. Please email me if you are interested: marilyn@urbanburnbootcamp.com.

Check out our site to learn more about us: http://urbanburnbootcamp.com

Thank you in advance,


Twitter for Beginners

Twitter for Beginners's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Jul 30, 2009)

This blog was submitted by my friends over at Defero - a digital agency for all your marketing/communications needs in the web 2.0 world. Enjoy!

You’ve finally signed up for a Twitter account (or maybe you haven’t yet) and you’re anxious to see what all the hoopla is about. Problem is – everyone seems to be talking in a foreign language you don’t quite understand. Hopefully this Cliff’s Notes-type guide to Twitter will help demystify this actually very easy-to-use medium.

Social Media on a Local Level

Social Media on a Local Level's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Jun 18, 2009)

When we think social media, we think HUGE! It's a global phenomenon that has no boundaries. For the most part, it's so vast that we can't even wrap our minds around it.

Now the question becomes, is there a way to 'dumb' it down? Is there a way to simplify social media, yet still have an end result that makes sense and can become a tool that we leverage in order to bring results?

In my opinion: YES! I'd like to take you through a journey that starts on October 31st, 2008. That's about eight months ago if you're counting.

Tommy Bahama - Escape the Desert!

Tommy Bahama - Escape the Desert!'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Jun 17, 2009)

Another great perk of my job is that I get to check out a lot of cool venues. In fact, in the near future, you will be able to list your venue in our directory if you'd like to host networking events and consequently if you're looking for a venue to host your group, you'll have access to that as well!

Just a few days ago, I was contacted by Annie from Tommy Bahama to check out their location in Kierland Commons. And while I once visited their bar a few years back, I never really saw all the great space that this 'island' has to offer!

Why large networking events are your best bet...

Why large networking events are your best bet...'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Jun 17, 2009)


Recently, I heard a comment that I'd like to share with you and then address it with my thoughts to see if I can shed some light on the situation. "Gelie...I really don't like attending the large networking events with too many people because it's difficult to connect and I'm not sure I'll be able to network properly."

A Night Unlike Any Other!

A Night Unlike Any Other!'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Jun 17, 2009)

So last night I decided to venture out of my 'zone' and mossy on down to Tempe. Tempe is actually very nostalgic for me, as this is where I grew up, went to High School and then to ASU.

There were two events happening over there, so I figured I'd catch both. The first one I went to was the ASU Alumni Association Maroon & Gold mixer. I've never been before, so I didn't know what to expect. But hey...I'm an expert at this...so I knew exactly what to do.

Before a meeting with a new connection, do your research!

Before a meeting with a new connection, do your research!'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Jun 10, 2009)

There used to be a time when having a website was an added perk to your business and you didn't really need one to drive business. Now, in the web 2.0 world, not having a website has a number of negative stigmas attached to it.

Most anyone can either create a website or pay someone to do it. But the fact is that most businesses now have a website. My website is my entire company. If I didn't have NetworkingPhoenix.com, I wouldn't have this business.

Thank you for eliminating yourself!

Thank you for eliminating yourself!'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (May 14, 2009)

So today I got a pretty nasty email in my inbox that I'd like to share with you all. I'm not showing her name...even though I have it because she emailed me through my site:

Recap of the Roka Akor-ASBA-The John Adam Show Mixer

Recap of the Roka Akor-ASBA-The John Adam Show Mixer's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (May 14, 2009)

Tonight I attended a special ASBA mixer at Roka Akor. I was so excited to attend this event for 4 reasons:

1. I'm a big supporter of ASBA. I think their staff is wonderful!

2. I'm friends with John & Tom of The John Adam Show and they were broadcasting live from the event.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed's picture
by Mitra Khamedoost (May 14, 2009)

Volunteer are needed to help support Bridging AZ, the only Furniture Bank in Arizona.

On May 30th & 31st from 9 AM - 3 PM, all 18 valley Best Buy stores are hosting a furniture drive to help collect kitchen tables & chairs as well as dressers. Donors will receive a $10 Best Buy Gift card.

Volunteers are needed for a 3 hour shift to accept donations. Afternoon shift will get pizza delivered from Papa John's.

Census Managment Positions

Census Managment Positions's picture
by Mitra Khamedoost (May 7, 2009)

My name is Joe Foran and I am a Recruiter for the US Census in Phoenix. I came across your web site in a news article today and want to let you know that the Census is currently testing for upcoming management positions in the Phoenix area.

Call 602-427-0680, 8am to 4pm Mon--Fri, to speak with the Phoenix Census office.

Testing will be ending soon so it would be advisable to call quickly to schedule a test. Several sites are being used to give the tests around the valley.

The Work for Women Mother's Day Campaign

The Work for Women Mother's Day Campaign's picture
by Mitra Khamedoost (Apr 29, 2009)

The Women's Help Network is on a Campaign to help Women in Arizona secure jobs that will help them help themselves and their families.

Were you going to tell me you canceled our meeting?

Were you going to tell me you canceled our meeting?'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Apr 27, 2009)

In many ways, I can't even believe that I have to write a blog about this topic, but this is the sad reality.

People...if you're not going to be able to make your meeting (face or phone), please cancel or reschedule. It is extremely rude to just decide to not hold your meeting and then 'forget' to tell the other person. We are all very busy individuals, and it is not right to waste the other person's time.

Ch 15 Event Recap

Ch 15 Event Recap's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Apr 24, 2009)

More info on the event coming soon! In the mean time, here is a clip from Ch 15.


NetworkingPhoenix.com Signature Event!

NetworkingPhoenix.com Signature Event!'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Apr 15, 2009)

If you didn't make it to our Launch Party in January, you missed the chance to rub elbows with Phoenix's top notch professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Say it From the Heart - But Keep it Concise & to the Point Please!

Say it From the Heart - But Keep it Concise & to the Point Please!'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Apr 6, 2009)

Have you ever had a 10 minute conversation with someone about his/her business, walked away and then asked yourself...what the heck does he/she do again?? I have!

While you know what you do very intimately, the rest of the world doesn't. It's not obvious to us. It's not even remotely obvious...so please, do us a favor and explain it in nice simple terms. Clear, concise and to the point. However, this does not mean take up 10 minutes to explain it. I want to hear it in 30 sec, 60 sec or 2 minutes. After that...I need to move on to the next person.

Volunteers Are Needed for Experience Your Future Day

Volunteers Are Needed for Experience Your Future Day's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Apr 6, 2009)

Experience Your Future Day is a one-day experiential learning event to help students make the connection between school and work. 7,000 8th grade students from 55 schools will visit the event to meet and learn from area employers and educators.

Job Openings 3/26/09

Job Openings 3/26/09's picture
by Mitra Khamedoost (Mar 26, 2009)

Web Optimization Specialist 50-80k- Mesa, AZ
SEO specialist using HTML, JAVA, C#, CSS, SQL and ASP.NET

Ch 3 social media segment 3/10/2009

Ch 3 social media segment 3/10/2009's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Mar 10, 2009)

This was a fun segment to tape in my house! You can see a bit of my office and my business plan hanging up on my wall :)

<link no longer available>

RPM's 1st EVER Light Rail Pub Crawl!!

RPM's 1st EVER Light Rail Pub Crawl!!'s picture
by Mitra Khamedoost (Feb 24, 2009)

On Saturday, February 28, 2009 from 4:00 - 11:00 pm, Metro-Phoenix residents will experience a variety of nightlife flavors. Stretching from Phoenix's Camelback/Central light rail station to Tempe's Apache/McClintock station, you will enjoy local nightlife diversity ranging from the authentic British pub George and Dragon to the dynamic, musical atmosphere of the Big Bang piano bar.

Gelie part of a story on Ch 15 2/20/09

Gelie part of a story on Ch 15 2/20/09's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Feb 22, 2009)

This was a fun segment because Ch 15 came out to do the interview with me as I was speaking to Team Women's N. Scottsdale chapter. It aired on Friday night at 10pm...so you were either already drinking or sleeping by then :)

Here it is if you'd like to see it!


Would you like to be a part of Amilya's Upcoming Reality TV Show?

Would you like to be a part of Amilya's Upcoming Reality TV Show?'s picture
by Mitra Khamedoost (Feb 19, 2009)



For all of you that are wondering what Amilya Antonetti is up to these days...here is a sneak peak! This is an image, so the links won't work. For more information, please visit her website, www.Amilya.com.

Good luck!


The Perfect Fit!

The Perfect Fit!'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Feb 8, 2009)

One of the great perks of meeting so many people is the fact that I get exposed to so many unique industries. Recently, I had a friend introduce me to J. Hilburn Men's Clothier. I was intrigued at the concept right away because as many of your ladies out there know...shopping for your man, especially when he is very fashion oriented, is no small feat!

Sonoran Living Live on Ch 15 - 2/3/2009

Sonoran Living Live on Ch 15 - 2/3/2009's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Feb 3, 2009)

This was a fun segment, they gave me about 6 mintues! I also got to meet Bob Guiney (The Bachelor season 4) in the Green Room.

Link to the video


Ch 12 Apperance on the Morning Show with Dave Cherry - 1/27/2009

Ch 12 Apperance on the Morning Show with Dave Cherry - 1/27/2009's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Jan 27, 2009)

Nothing beats waking up at 4am and doing full hair and make-up! But hey...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do :) Click on the link below for the story and the video.

Link to the video

Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Jan 21, 2009)

One of the most crucial pieces of any networking group is the leader. Just like with anything else, in a networking group, everything starts at the top.

I always encourage people to meet with the organizer of the group and first find out what he/she is about. If you're planning on attending a new group, you should be able to contact the organizer and let him/her know that while at the event, you would like to just take a few minutes of his/her time and introduce yourself.

Go Team Women!

Go Team Women!'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Jan 15, 2009)

Today I had the pleasure of speaking at the North Scottsdale Chapter of a group called Team Women. Wow! Talk about good energy and a solid group!

Christine Springer of Desert Edge Legal is the president of the group and she invited me to come and speak about Networking Strategy - which is a very timely topic.

How to create a winning networking strategy

How to create a winning networking strategy's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Jan 1, 2009)

What is it that a lot of newbie networkers lack in their skill set? You guessed it…strategy. 

We've all been there...looked at the invitation, saw "free food" and decided that would be a great reason to go out networking tonight! We all love free food...and if it comes with a chance to shake some hands, exchange business cards and get out of the house for the evening...why not? Right? 

Featured Member: Bernadette Gratton

Featured Member: Bernadette Gratton's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Dec 12, 2008)

You may be familiar with Bernadette Grattan as being the CEO of The Resource Link, Inc., one of Arizona's most successful boutique Accounting & Finance Recruiting firms. As if she does not have enough to do, she has branched out into Executive Matchmaking as well this year and formed The Ultimate Introduction, Inc.

And yet another testimonial...wow!

And yet another testimonial...wow!'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Dec 11, 2008)

I recently moved to the Scottsdale area on a mission to find investors interested in helping me bring a pioneering service that supports busy, successful people to find fast solutions to life's insoluble problems. As such, I needed to get dialed into the area's best networking events as quickly as possible.

Me on the Radio

Me on the Radio's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Dec 8, 2008)

Check out my interview on The John Adam Show.

Click on 'Download Hour 1' and I come on in about 5 minutes from the start. 

All feedback and comments are welcome :)



Follow up secrets of great networkers

Follow up secrets of great networkers's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Dec 5, 2008)


The only time you'll ever get this from me is when you deserve it….and that's always! I'm talking about Following Up – what did you think I was talking about??? ;) 

I know this concept has been beat over your head a million times and you know how important it is, but the sad truth is that most people don't follow up. All the work that you've done with your networking is completely wasted unless you can follow-through on the connection and turn it into a meaningful relationship.

What have I been doing this entire year???

What have I been doing this entire year???'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Nov 23, 2008)

It’s almost been a full year since I launched this website and decided to leave my day job in order to network full time (try to explain that one to your co-workers). When I look back, I can’t even believe the people I have met, the conversations I’ve had and the things I’ve accomplished. But more than that, I’m extremely excited about what 2009 is going to bring me! 

However this blog is not meant to be sappy…it’s meant to show you what I have created and how you can benefit from my experience. 

Out and About…Why ‘Random’ Face-to-Face Sightings are Crucial!

Out and About…Why ‘Random’ Face-to-Face Sightings are Crucial!'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Nov 16, 2008)

This week’s adventures started off with ASBA’s Comerica Bank AZ Companies to Watch awards ceremony. It was a black-tie optional gala event (I got to dress up!!) which allowed me to strengthen my relationships with various people inside my network.


ElementsofDesign.com's picture
by Mitra Khamedoost (Nov 9, 2008)

Here is a great testimonial about the site that just came in from Lina Quintero, Elements of Design. Thanks Lina!!

I know what you did last night...

I know what you did last night...'s picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Nov 7, 2008)

Last night I thought it would be great to attend the Republican Professionals (RP) event. I got involved with the group early this year and in the beginning tried to help them out with various networking opportunities. I’m not as involved with them as much these days…but I love everyone on their board (especially Lindsay!!!) and wanted to come out and say hi.

In the beginning

In the beginning's picture
by Gelie Akhenblit (Nov 4, 2008)

Very often I get asked about how I got started in this business. People want to know if I did something similar prior to this and how I learned this ‘trade’ of networking. This question has always been interesting to me and I find myself answering it differently much of the time. Why I answer it differently…I couldn’t tell you. Perhaps there are a number of answers to it or perhaps I haven’t quite stumbled upon a clear and concise answer yet. So I thought it would be a great thing to tackle in my first blog on NetworkingPhoenix.com.