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13 Contest Ideas That Will Build Buzz For Your Business

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M. Kameron Hawkins's picture

You're so right!

Give-a-ways are great way to build and enhance your business. We have always used gifts from our members or vendors to offer or use as contest prizes for guest and new members. By doing so our crossmarketing is much stronger.

Example: We hold a monthly 9-hole golf outing at Troon North Golf Club every 3rd Thur. Cost $49 or less per golfer and each golfer receives a $10 Cash Card from one of our sponsoring members and even more gilfts, prizes and contest as the event goes on over then nest few hours. We have been do the same at Ocotillo Golf Resort every 3rd Tues. since 2008. (Cost $39 or less per golfer)

The gifts, prizes and contest enhance the event by offering added value to the guest or member that's going to be golfing. And the direct marketing our sponsoring members and vendors receive is a 100% success. 

M. Kameron Hawkins - Chairman & Founder

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These are some great ideas. In fact, I will be implementing a few of the ideas that came to me over the course of reading this. Thanks!