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Founded in 2008 by Gelie Akhenblit, NetworkingPhoenix.com is the Valley's leading online resource for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals seeking business networking events, mixers and training seminars.

At the core of NetworkingPhoenix.com is a robust, comprehensive, and free-to-use online calendar with a complete listing of business and professional networking events, mixers, and seminars going on in the Phoenix Metropolitan area (about 406 events listed monthly).  While it is absolutely free (and vehemently encouraged) for the community to post events and related content, NetworkingPhoenix.com goes a step further by vetting all such content for proper accuracy, validity, and taxonomy.  By doing so, NetworkingPhoenix.com provides a much richer, flexible, and filterable user experience which helps everybody to find what they're looking for with less effort and more confidence.

Since its inception in October 2008, NetworkingPhoenix.com has skyrocketed in popularity quickly becoming one of the most visited websites local to Arizona, and even making a global imprint as one of the top 1% most visited global websites (click here for details).  36,720 members have joined in the 7 years 8 months NetworkingPhoenix.com has been around and the website's growth still shows no signs of slowing. 

Membership at the site is absolutely free, takes less than a minute to signup, and consists of creating a simple professional profile (similar to a LinkedIn).  Once a member, full access is granted to all event and event related information, as well as a very wide array of tools including event reminders, custom event filters (show only the events you're interested in), agenda management, event data exports to other popular calendars (Outlook, iCal, et al), and much more... seriously... and the list of benefits is ALWAYS growing. 

NetworkingPhoenix.com also has a premium membership, the Networking Passport, which takes members beyond simply finding events to attend and actually provides FREE access into some of the most popular fee-based events, mixers and seminars in Phoenix.  At only $9.97/month, the program is very inexpensive for the business professional looking to make contacts and build relationships at the right events (click here for more info).

Another very popular offering of NetworkingPhoenix.com is the quarterly Signature Events. These events attract approximately 1,500 business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals for an evening of mixing and mingling. To be notified of this event, and many more, please create a free profile on our site.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and we hope to see you out and about networking!

Gelie Akhenblit | Founder & CEO | gelie@networkingphoenix.com
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Gelie Akhenblit, CEO / Founder of NetworkingPhoenix.com, has singlehandedly changed Arizona's business networking landscape by launching and successfully executing her vision with her tech-startup. Founded in October 2008, by a then 27-year-old entrepreneur who quit her corporate job to pursue her dream of creating a platform for local networkers to connect, NetworkingPhoenix.com today is Arizona's leading online resource for business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Since its inception, NetworkingPhoenix.com has skyrocketed in popularity quickly becoming one of the most visited websites in Arizona; and with nearly 27,000 members the website's growth still shows no signs of slowing down. 

In December of 2013, NetworkedLocal LLC was formed as the parent company for the new nationally focused business, with Chicago being the first market outside of Arizona, making Gelie the CEO of the new national company. 

Growing a successful company and expanding nationally  in five years is quite a feat, but the drive for Gelie is in helping others meet their goals and building relationships. Her motivation is to create something that improves people's lives daily – whether it's helping them find that perfect job or making connections with the right people who can help them grow their own business venture. 

In addition to her website business, Gelie also speaks in engagements on the importance of having a strategy when engaging in face-to-face networking and the power of building and maintaining strategic relationships. 

In her spare time (does that really exist? Haha!), she enjoys hanging out with her husband, Erin-Michael - Co-founder,  and chasing their baby girl, Aris :)

Gelie is a 2012 honoree of Arizona Foothills Magazine's 10 Women Who Move the Valley; Selected as one of azcentral.com's 2011 Intriguing People in Arizona Business; 2011 Young ATHENA finalist; recipient of the 2011 Social Media AZ Award (SMAZZIE) in the category of 'Homegrown Can of Awesome'; NAWBO's Emerging Visionary 2010 Award; AZ Magazine's 35 women entrepreneurs under 35 who are helping elevate Arizona's business community 2009 recipient ; and is on the board of the Girls Rule foundation.

Erin-Michael Johnson | Co-Founder & Lead Developer | ejakila@gmail.com
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Erin-Michael Johnson is a software developer with 15+ years building complex, data-driven, enterprise level web applications across a broad range of industries - including semiconductors (Intel), financials (Thomson/Reuters), and e-learning (Pearson Digital).

He is the Co-founder and Principal Developer at NetworkedLocal LLC (e.g. NetworkingPhoenix.com, NetworkedChicago.com, et al), a hyper-local event discovery and business matchmaking platform, which he has taken from bootstrapping startup to a growth phase company.

Erin-Michael also has a strong academic background with degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineering (minor in Mathematics) from Arizona State University; in his masters studies, his program emphasis was on Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, and Data Analytics.

He is a strong advocate for customer facing development teams with frequent release cycles, generating short feedback loops, in order to validate product development and inform business decisions.

In his words: "I love coding, data mining, quantitative analysis, probability theory, machine learning, and hacking. Agile rocks. Pragmatism rocks. Long gamma rocks. Fat tails humble us. I distrust 'bell curves / normal distributions / Gaussians.' Data is critical for making decisions... use it, but DON'T. TRUST. IT."