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Ted King

Ted King has been active in assisting in building the Arizona community for more than 50 years. He has co-authored major national legislation; written proposed legislation and spoke on behalf of certain much needed legislation for Arizona and the nation. Additionally, Ted, an actor, has appeared on stage at the Carefree Inn Dinner Theater, Scottsdale's Stagebrush Theater and mystery dinner theater, as well as in movies and on TV. Ted, a punt and kick-off return specialist was selected to the All Star Air Force football team, was a Wildcat at the University of Arizona,and left to sign a pro-football contract with the NFL Expansion, American Football League.

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Rule of Law Society
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The Rule of Law Society (ROLS)is a cultural and educational, private membership association.

The American dream is that any citizen of the United States of America has the opportunity to become anything dreamed of becoming.

All Americans are entitled to avail themselves of the Constitutionally guaranteed right of Due Process,and need not tolarate being victimised by big business.


The Rule of Law Society conducts education seminars and workshops for those who qualify.

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