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Derek Shanks

With over 20 years of experience in the international market place within the travel industry, Derek Shanks has had sales and marketing positions with British Airways, Thomson Holidays, Discover the World Marketing and Connect-Worldwide, the latter two being based in Scottsdale. The last 11 years has seen Derek working within global travel representation, 9 years as President of a leading travel representation company Discover the World Marketing and then with Connect-Worldwide as Chief Operating Officer. Derek’s experience of managing and working with a global network of local experts and their sales & marketing teams, the varied travel segments that clients are in, provides him with an excellent insight. He has developed many international sales networks that deliver results for varied clients. His role with British Airways was within the leisure division in product development and management, focusing on the international markets as well as spending some time based in Japan with British Airways. Derek moved to the USA from the United Kingdom 10 years ago and has been travelling the world since. His experience of working with over 30 different cultures and over 40 different clients in the international market place provides a practical understanding of the international markets and how to adapt to each. He has a very good broad commercial understanding of working with small entrepreneurial businesses, having been involved with the setting up and development of many, as well as experience working for and with major global brands. He has lived and worked in United Kingdom, USA, Japan, South Africa and Australia. Derek resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his family.

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International Sales and Network Management was created to help companies within the hospitality and travel industry to develop, adapt or change their international sales strategy. In today's difficult environment ISNM provides solutions and support to ensure revenue goals are acheivable and focused to provide the best results. International markets in particular can be complex and it can take time to understand what is required. ISNM with over 20 years expereince will get the right approach and develop a long term solution. See www.ISANM.com for more details.

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