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Find Your Compass is an organization dedicated to helping people reconnect with their most “authentic self” and to discover the unique difference they are here to make. Connecting with our inner wisdom, our greatest passions and understanding our purpose on a deeper level gives us an internal compass to navigate the waters of life and business no matter what the "weather". This becomes the foundation for building greater meaning, success and sustainability in our personal lives, our businesses and organizations and our communities.


Founder Rick Balfour, a Certified Dream Coach®, Trained True Purpose™ Coach and Small Biz Coach/Consultant, helps “heart-centered” entrepreneurs (those that want to make an impact while making a living) to discover or “re-discover” their purpose and that of their business so they can not only be more effective and successful but to have the greatest impact on the people and markets they are here to serve. With his 30 years of small business background he also helps them discover the actions and strategies that will enable them to get busy doing more of what excites them and their customers.


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