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Lisa Barnhart

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Lisa Barnhart

Human Resources, Training, and Organizational Development leader with broad-based HR and operations management experience. Experienced in all facets of HR. Focused on improving overall business performance through initiatives that lead to improved results, individual professional development, employee satisfaction, and a commitment to organizational goals and values. Thrives in a growing, customer-focused company with progressive HR practices. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: • Implemented a company's first employee engagement survey, achieving an 86% response rate; led senior managers through action planning. • Developed and implemented a performance management process in less than 5 months; designed and managed delivery of training for over 400 managers in less than 2 months. • Conceived, developed, and managed an eight-month leadership development program for high-potential employees; 70% of participants were promoted within one year. • Instrumental in the successful adoption and roll-out of Performance Scorecards, ensuring proper senior management involvement and buy-in; resulted in significant improvement in efficiency and cost reduction. • Developed and delivered leadership training and a transition to a culture of alignment and accountability, tied to bottom-line indicators. • Designed and facilitated team development initiatives including experiential activities and DiSC profiles; became a sought-after resource for managers. • Designed and managed the reduction-in-force process; handling over 900 reductions with dignity, efficiency, and risk avoidance. • Identified and resolved several production issues saving a financial services company a significant amount of time and over $300,000 in duplicated production costs.

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