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Heide Ainsworth

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Heide Ainsworth

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First Call Concierges LLC; Welcome Home to the USA.org
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Founder and CEO
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Individual & Family Services
Founder, CEO, Marketing, Mastermind Recruiter, Entrapeneur
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Heide Ainsworth, RN is a retired emergency room, trauma, and air rescue RN. She specialized in the treatment of acutely sick and injured adults as well as children. During her career, she has served in many management positions utilizing her management and organizational behavior skills. With a focus in disaster management, she created, taught, and managed a group of highly skilled professionals who were on call 24/7 in the event of any disaster. At the time, it was one of the few disaster management programs in the country and the only one to combine the services of a medical center and an Air Force Base. In addition, Heide had the distinction of teaching emergency room techniques to pararmedics and masters level nursing candidates. After retiring from nursing, she became an office administrator and marketing director for a Scottsdale based accounting firm where she increased the company's net worth by 25%. Currently, she is the founder and CEO of First Call Concierges LLC and Welcome Home to The USA.org---soon to be launched. In addition, she is a mastermind recruiter and group leader where she helps other like-minded individuals toward personal and professional success through accountability, commitment, and goal setting.

58 Barrett Ave.
N. Providence, RI
(401) 347-4174

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