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The National Business Experts, America’s fastest growing social media & networking organization was officially formed in January of 2011, but the experience and savvy that makes The National Business Experts so successful, has been demonstrated by CEO, Gia Heller repeatedly throughout her career. In 2005, Gia won the President’s Award for Highest Team Contribution & Leadership during her tenure as the National Marketing & Research Director at CB Richard Ellis. Her reputation and performance led to her accepting a critical position with The Staubach Company. Gia was one of 21 finalists chosen out of 1,000,000 applicants for The Apprentice, Season III. Inspired after being selected to such an elite group, Gia made a bold move and relocated to Rocky Point, Mexico with her two daughters, who at the time were 8 and 11 years old. She again performed at the top of her industry, earning the Top Producer title at Century 21 Sun & Sand. Selling over $20 Million dollars worth of property in Mexico, Gia was the top producer at The Sonoran Resorts in 2006 and 2007. As the US economy collapsed and sent shockwaves through the rest of the world, Gia saw her life savings wash away as the real estate market collapsed virtually over night. Three months later, Gia returned to the US with her daughters, humbled and motivated to re-build the comfortable life her daughters had come to know. Over the next two years, once again working in real estate, Gia started to rebuild her life. Struggling to build a new client base using conventional marketing, she poured her energy into research and building her internet marketing skills, with a focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) While learning how to climb to the top of the search engine on Google, Gia had a hunch that proved to be accurate: Social media would soon outpace Google in market reach and influence. As she once again put all of her energy into her work, Gia’s visionary mind and strong leadership catalyzed the development of what is now www.TheNationalBusinessExperts.com Initially, Gia created www.ArizonaWomenNetworking.com, a network of women whose Phoenix area businesses spanned across industries. Gia’s revolutionary ideas were dismissed by a marketing “guru”, who said “Facebook! That is your platform? That is the most unprofessional idea I have ever heard of for marketing your business!. True to form, Gia persevered and empowered Phoenix busineswomen to harness the power of social media. Using the array of methods she’s developed, collectively known as Electronic Community Management, the network members’ businesses flourished. As the Valley got word of Gia Heller’s innovative marketing & networking powerhouse, Arizona Women Networking grew exponentially. By mid 2010, Arizona Women Networking became a prominent force in the Phoenix business community. AWN was featured on News Channel 15 with Beverly Kidd and in the INNOVATOR section of the Arizona Republic (See article here: http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/business/articles/2010/06/03/20... ) Arizona Women Networking became so popular that another group, www.ArizonaMenNetworking.com was created to serve men in the business community. By the end of 2010, Gia’s innovative methodology, vast knowledge, and specific strategies in the social media marketing field had gained her national recognition. In December, Bob Proctor, featured in “The Secret”, got wind of the marketing & networking sensation as a result of collaborating with another AWN member. Proctor invited her to speak on his stage as an expert speaker at his event, The Matrixx, a $15,000-per-ticket conference. Gia was still rebuilding her finances, having just gotten off food stamps. She was hardly in a position to afford airfare, but Gia was determined to accept the invitation. Using the very social media network she built, she reached out on FaceBook seeking any contacts or sponsorships to facilitate her travel to the event in Canada. Demonstrating the power of her marketing programs, a networking contact she had met and followed up with regularly on Facebook, pulled through and provided a Delta Airline’s HR representative that sponsored her airfare in full to Canada. It was at this conference that Gia sold her first network licensing agreement to Minneapolis, yielding her $35,000. She also sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of additional social media and marketing products and business credit. Finally, it was the end of Gia’s financial woes. At the dawn of 2011, Gia officially launched The National Business Experts to make her expertise accessible to the rest of the country with the intention of rescuing the economy one entrepreneur/business owner at a time. The Phoenix Business Experts (A compilation of the best of class members of AWN & AMN) was launched in tandem with TNBE to continue to serve the ever-growing network of local Phoenix entrepreneurs. As the year progressed, Gia’s empire continued to expand with great success. In June of 2011, she attended Maria Simone’s Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit www.eesevent.com in Irvine, California, building relationships and further strengthening TNBE. At this conference, she met Sharon Lechter and invited her to come speak at www.ThePhoenixBusinessExperts.com events. After attending one of their meetings and seeing the success, Sharon was able to provide, first hand, expert testimony on why every entrepreneur nationwide should join TNBE. Maria Simone, one of the original collaborators of CEO Space, helped form the strategic partnership between Heller and Les Brown, currently serving as the National Communications Coach for TNBE. Gia considers Maria Simone, truly to be one of the World’s Greatest Connectors. By mid-2011, the demand for a resource like Phoenix’s for entrepreneurs in Southern Arizona couldn’t be ignored. Thus, www.TheTucsonBusinessExperts.com was formed by Kerry Kuykendall and in October of 2011 was turned over to new President, MJ Jensen. September launched www.TheUtahBusinessExperts.com under the direction of Kim Flynn. At the Grand Opening, a sold out crowd of 150 attendees was entertained by Nathan Osmond, who sang two of his top Country Billboard hits “Sweet” and “The Tailgate Song”. In October 2011, Jeff Fagan, who was COO for T. Harv Eker’s company, Peak Potentials (www.HarvEker.com), recognized the strong growth TNBE would continue to experience and joined the TNBE team as Chairman of the Advisory Board. Jeff brings considerable wisdom from his success in leading T. Harv Eker’s (author of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset”) company into the realm of multi-million dollar “mega-profits”. At present, the National Business Experts’ various pages on FaceBook have a reach of over 60,000 direct followers. As each of these followers has his own unique network of friends, TNBE’s collective reach is above 8 Million. Having proven social media to be a truly invaluable element of modern entrepreneurship, Gia entered the political arena in the 2010 election cycle as the social media consultant for two campaigns. Gia lead them both to victory: David Burnell Smith, now a legislator for LD 7 and Bill Montgomery, now Maricopa’s County Attorney. In the 2012 election cycle, Gia was brought into Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign team to work her magic. TNBE is proud to be co-sponsoring, along with Microsoft, The Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit led by Maria Simone in Irvine this Nov 4, 5, & 6th. Tickets can be purchased at www.eesevent.com. At the event, attendees will be able to learn TOP SECRET TIPS from Gia LIVE on stage. TNBE’s West-Coast Leadership Team (www.TheLosAngelesBusinessExperts.com, www.TheOrangeCountyBusinessExperts.com, www.TheSanDiegoBusinessExperts.com), will be seeking City Directors for cities they are currently seeking to develop and will be signing up expert business owners and entrepreneurs in all three of the afore mentioned cities. At the end of November, TNBE will open in Los Angeles under the leadership of Clifton Anderson, renowned motivational speaker and successful entrepreneur. Clifton (www.Clifton-Anderson.com), a Wharton MBA holder, was CFO of a multi-million dollar, international company at age 27. Joining him on the Los Angeles Business Experts’ leadership team is Jesse Eker, T. Harv Eker’s son. The San Diego network is opening on December 13th under the leadership of Mia Davies. (www.MiaDavies.com). Also in Southern California, The Orange County Business Experts will be opening in January under direction of the esteemed Maria Simone. If your city doesn’t have a TNBE organization yet, don’t worry: TNBE’s services and team of experts are still available to you! The demand for local organizations within the United States has been overwhelming and The National Business Experts are looking for leaders nationwide to expand the organization. Please contact Gia@TNBE.org for more information. Please include a resume and a link to your Facebook page for review.

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To empower business owners/entrepreneurs with cutting edge social media marketing strategies that are effective and proven.

Gia Heller has been a pioneer in the Internet Marketing industry since 1995 and has developed a 1-2-3 marketing strategy to promote companies world-wide using Social Media. Unlike typical social media experts who are simply attempting to create industry buzz, she has been using social media to promote companies and build active communities. Her firm is generating revenues by teaching business owners and entrepreneurs how to monetize social media and build brand awareness. Her systematic approach delivers trackable results for her clients through increased website traffic, qualified leads, customers, and seriously increased revenues.

Gia went from knocking on doors and cold calling hundreds of potential clients a week to building relationships with potential clients using social media. These relationships have generated revenues for her clients nationwide. When she transformed her approach, she was able to reach millions of potential clients through her extensive network and their friends and now she is sharing her wisdom with the world!

Learn how you can get thousands of eyeballs on your business everyday with the best in the business. With proven case studies, measurable results, and increased revenues, social media is a marketing tool you should be using and Gia Heller can make it easy for you to lead the way.

Transform how you reach your customers and engage them through social media today! Gia would be a great speaker and/or trainer at your next event! Gia offers do it yourself learning programs as well as custom private coaching to fit your needs and help companies around the world achieve even more success! For more information visit www.MySocialEmpire.com - to connect with Gia directly email Gia@MySocialEmpire.com

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