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Brian Schmidt, CPP

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Brian Schmidt, CPP

There is really only one kind of security…the kind that keeps clients and assets safe. My CPP certification, experience at building trust-based relationships with high-profile clients and my background as a private sector executive all combine to accomplish two objectives:

► Identifying and mitigating any risk or threat to ensure client and asset safety, and….
► Optimizing operations while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

I have had the opportunity to work with demanding clients and principals, "A-list" celebrities, foreign dignitaries with cultural differences and high-threat situations with real world consequences for failure.

My deep understanding of business plans and experience as a senior corporate executive allow me to understand the nuances of contract negotiations and budgetary forecasting. Security Management, after all, is a business. I am where smart business and security experience converge.

Close Protection
Client Service
Risk & Threat Assessments
Security Surveys
Counter Surveillance
Program Management
Information Security / Physical Security
Asset Protection
CQC, Kung Fu/Martial Arts

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CPP ♦ Agent in Charge
Security and Investigations

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