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Brad Scott Williamson

Brad Scott Williamson is the CEO/Founder and business architect of Birthmark Brands, Inc. He has been involved with various forms of business and design for years. He specializes in working with small to medium size businesses. He customizes strategic and marketing plans through creative, web and multimedia style solutions to bring new customers and revenue to your business or project. He has experience with sales, upper management, ROI consulting, freehand illustrative type projects and team leading. Educating business owners on their options in the current market while focusing on brand identity and promotion, Brad is able to bring a multifaceted approach to your business solutions. With his experience and knowledge he can bring ideas and opportunities to you that you may have never thought of or thought weren't available to you. Take your company to new heights through Brad's unique ability to see and portray who you are. Brad will design a business plan that is tailored to each individuals needs to help them achieve their ultimate goals. Brad has worked for an Inc. 500 Company as General Manager, overseeing 48+ employees, 24 vendors and cared for over 3800 paying members. He oversaw the large marketing budget and increase net profits of his branch by 34% within the 24 month period of being the Sales Manager. During this time he built a winning team that worked together to bring success to the company. His later work as a Director of Client Services over an agency helped him focus his business talents on bringing success to his individual clients, finding their need and filling it. Brad's interest shifted to real estate and once licensed as a mortgage broker he quickly became one of Arizona's top producers Senior Loan Officers. He closed financial transactions in Arizona, Las Vegas, California and New York and personally funding for than $225 million dollars in loan volume. His success was due to his unique and creative outside the box marketing and branding methods, along with his energetic personality and solid production numbers. This is what has always separated Brad from the industries elite. Brad is serious about success, but ultimately Brad is down to earth, easy going and relatable. If you want someone who will sit down with you and really listen to who you are and what you do, Brad's your man. He is collaboratively creative, fun to work with and professional. He is passionate about bringing your ideas and goals to life, as well as increasing your revenues. He wants to help you build your business to be something you can be proud of for years to come. From an early age, Brad has always had a passion for Art. Some of his earlier art work can still be viewed on display at Phoenix Art Museum. In school he excelled in creative arts, mathematics and sports. Brad attended classes at PVCC with his interests in Marketing, Business Management and Web Design. Naturally, he would end up in a field that would combine his two passions: art and business marketing. Brad is an Arizona native and comes from a 3 generation military family. His father was Senior Staff Sergeant during the Vietnam War and instilled in Brad the value of discipline, honor, respect and the importance of hard work. If you are a Veteran who is looking to start your own business or build your current brand, Brad is dedicated to helping you reach your goals and building your success. Brad is married to his childhood sweetheart and the proud father to a son. He loves spending time with his family, barbecuing and traveling during his free time. Brad is a sports nut. His favorite sports to watch are football and basketball, but he keeps up on them all. His other interests include restoring old cars, golfing and boxing. Brad's passion for actively giving back to the community started after he worked with the Arizona Heart Foundation. He was inspired by the organization itself and the ability to make a difference in other people's lives. Since then he has stayed active in his involvement with charitable organizations and hopes to one day start his own!

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Birthmark - Strategic Marketing & Design
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CEO & President
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Birthmark is a boutique branding firm in Phoenix, AZ, that builds, manages, differentiates and revitalizes brands for small and medium-sized businesses. We do this through strategic planning, good design and a deep knowledge of what it takes to reach people through building emotional, social and technological relationships, to connect people with your brand. We deliver Creative, Web & Multimedia marketing solutions for businesses. Learn more by visiting our website www.BirthmarkBrands.com

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