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Pete Peters & Deborah Brown

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Pete Peters & Deborah Brown

Pete Peters and Deborah Brown, founders of Boomer and The Babe Inc. are in the business of bringing excellent content to the world. In the form of their radio shows, Ebooks, Mini Books, Video and Workshops, they provide relevant, vibrant topics.

The Boomer and The Babe Network is home to several radio shows that serve the Boomer population locally, in the hosts' neck of the woods, and around the country and world.   

The Arizona Boomer Radio Show targets Arizona's 1.4 million Boomers throughout the Grand Canyon State. Guests, stories and information pertain to the Great State of Arizona and its residents. Arizona Boomer Radio will feature regular programming in cooperation with Arizona Highways Magazine and other local outlets, as well as remote broadcasts from exciting locations.

On The Boomer and The Babe Show we cover Boomer topics on a national (and sometimes international) level. We interview authors, medical experts, business professionals and national Boomer thought leaders. Our guests bring varied opinions and positions and that make for great conversation.

www.boomerandthebabe.com,  www.boomerseriesbooks.com,  www.blogtalkradio.com/boomerandbabe



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Boomer and the Babe Enterprises
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Media, Broadcast, Publishing, Video, N.E.S.T. Workshops, Consulting
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The Boomer and The Babe Show is directed to the 50 plus market, with a particular emphasis on the active, healthy, working and vibrant boomer lifestyle. The co-hosts of the show, Pete Peters and Deborah Brown, are boomers themselves. 

On The Boomer and The Babe Show we cover such boomer-directed topics as grandparenting, travel, health, money and all the cool things that boomers can (and DO) partake of in retirement and on the way to retirement. We also talk about the wrenches that were thrown into the gears as we thought we were cruising into the Golden Years, and many of us have had to rearrange our plans and processes.

Listen www.blogtalkradio.com/boomerandbabe, www.boomerandthebabe.com, www.boomerseriesbooks.com

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