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Beth Longnaker

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Beth Longnaker

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I am a Meeting Site Selection Specialist. Basically, I am a problem solver. My clients are Meeting Planners, Administrative Professionals, Sales & Marketing Executives, Purchasing Offices etc., responsible for locating and planning Meetings and Events for their Company or Association. I save them time, money, and headaches by conducting confidential Hotel/Resort searches and producing an easy to read list of available sites with rates in their target cities within 3 – 5 days. Save them money by using HPN’s volume buying power to secure below market prices. And negotiate and review contracts. I do all this, while they pay nothing for my services! Be it domestic or International I can help!

Secondly, I am interested in my health, eating right and putting the right things into my body. To help perpetuate that I joined a company called Ideal Health, which is the only company to independently test and supply customized vitamins for each individuals body needs. The ALL NATURAL products have done wonders for me, and I love sharing them with anyone interested in improving their health. visite www.idealhealth.com


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