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"I'm really finding great value in the events I've been able to attend using the Passport. The cost versus the benefit is unbelievable. It's worth every minute to be able to learn from experienced pros about how to best get my business up and running and the information has been very valuable to me." - D. Michael Cavalier
FREE admission into the Valley's PREMIER business networking events
  • Free events. Each month, choose from about 25 eligible fee-based networking events, business mixers and training seminars in the Greater Phoenix to attend for FREE. Attend as many events as you want!
  • For example. Attend an eligible Chamber mixer as a non-member and you'll have to pay $25. Attend the same mixer as a Networking Passport member and get in for FREE.
  • Save money. This month alone, you can save $1,097 attending 43 premier networking events. Click here to see these events.
  • More. Additionally, we negotiate special event discounts and perks that we pass on exclusively to our Networking Passport members.
"I've been a Passport member for at least 6 months now, and as a Small Business owner, the money that I have been able to save while attending the Passport networking events has allowed me to re-invest in my business and continue networking." - Greg Swiszcz
How does it work?
Networking Passport - how it works
It's simple! Once you join the Networking Passport membership program, you'll be able to print event tickets directly from the eligible event's details page. Finding eligible events is easy; they are clearly marked on the events calendar by the Networking Passport "Networking Passport Calendar Logo" icon (Hint: click the show only passport eligible events filter on top of the Events Calendar to show a listing of all Networking Passport eligible events).

Once you've found your eligible event on the calendar, just click on it to go to the event's details page. From there you'll be able to print your ticket by clicking "Attend for FREE with your Networking Passport" in the Event Toolbar. It's that simple! Now just take your ticket with you to the event and redeem it at the registration table for FREE attendance. Happy Networking!

Tutorial: Finding Passport eligible events

Tutorial: Printing your event ticket
Whose events are these anyway?
Networking Passport by NetworkingPhoenix We've partnered up with some of the best local networking groups in the Valley to offer our Networking Passport members FREE attendance into their most popular fee-based events, mixers, and seminars -- just look for the "Networking Passport Calendar Logo" icon on the events calendar for Networking Passport eligible events. Because we've teamed up with a diverse mix of local groups, you'll never be at a loss for new and interesting business events or seminars to attend and you're assured a well rounded and dynamic experience while you're out-and-about networking!
Don't quite get it? Here's the long example :)
You hear that the 5 must-attend business networking events this month are: Win at Business without Losing Your Mind, How YOU Make YOUR Network Series, Gelie Presents: Working the Room, and Sandler Training - Seal the Deal. You mark your calendar and happily prepare yourself for a great month of networking. Your only reluctance is that you're on a tight budget and the total cost of attending all 5 events is going to run you $427.00 ($49.00, $150.00, $79.00, and $99.00 respectively). You wonder if there is a way to get a better deal... there is! Become a Networking Passport member and you can attend all 5 of these events, and many more, for FREE! So what are you waiting for?
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