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Has Video Overtaken Written Content as King?

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Has Video Overtaken Written Content as King?'s picture
by Amanda Collins (Apr 9, 2014)

“The king is dead. Long live the king.” That could be the mantra for video-production companies that believe the old king, content, has seen his time and needs to make way for the new king, video. But don’t get ready for the coronation just yet. While some people do prefer videos — and with Google’s ownership of YouTube, their SEO strength is warranted — written content has many benefits that will appeal to a wide audience for years to come.

Rule #1 of Networking: Listen

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Rule #1 of Networking: Listen's picture
by Amanda Collins (Feb 18, 2014)


Three Easy Ways to Rock Social Media

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Three Easy Ways to Rock Social Media's picture
by Amanda Collins (Jan 22, 2014)


How to Incorporate Great Content into Your 2014 Marketing Plan

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How to Incorporate Great Content into Your 2014 Marketing Plan's picture
by Amanda Collins (Dec 16, 2013)

Can you believe there are only a couple of weeks of 2013 left? Maybe I'm just getting older, but it seems as if time moves faster and faster each year. Now I'm sitting here wondering how to make next year even more successful than this one. I bet you're doing the same. One thing you really must consider either incorporating, continuing, or boosting is your content marketing. This is a vast area, so let's just focus on the biggies.

Social Media

The Power of GREAT Content

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The Power of GREAT Content's picture
by Amanda Collins (Jun 5, 2012)

Recently, people have been coming out of the woodwork offering me actual J.O.B.s as a copywriter. While I am certainly flattered, I am quite content to have my own company and create my schedule as I see fit. But this influx of companies looking for copywriters got me thinking that there are few great writers out there AND businesses are seeing how important content is in achieving better Google rankings and sending more traffic on their sites, not to mention in offline copy. So what's the deal?

Holiday Remembrances

Holiday Remembrances's picture
by Amanda Collins (Dec 13, 2011)

This time of year, we reflect on the past year and look forward to the coming turn of the calendar and how we can improve our lives and business. But have you really sat down and said thank you to everyone in your life who's been influential or helpful in 2011? Have you sent a note of gratitude andholiday well wishes to your client base? If not, you're missing a grand opportunity.

Consistency is Key: Transforming Social Media Marketing to Proven Results

Consistency is Key: Transforming Social Media Marketing to Proven Results's picture
by Amanda Collins (Nov 28, 2011)

Although there are many professionals out there positioning themselves as "social media experts," the truth is that the medium is dynamic; there are very few true experts in the field. The rest of us may have some talents that differentiate us from the herd, but we're all trudging along, testing new things and learning new skills every day.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success's picture
by Amanda Collins (Nov 11, 2011)

Have you ever met someone whose appearance doesn’t match her profession? In other words, she doesn’t walk her talk. Think about it: a designer who can’t put together an outfit… a personal trainer who’s overweight…a life coach who’s suffering from depression…a mortgage professional who had to file bankruptcy and lost his home. What’s your opinion of those people? Oftentimes, we don’t give them the benefit of the doubt; we move on for someone who fits more with whatever it is he’s selling.

It's Always Time to Network

It's Always Time to Network's picture
by Amanda Collins (Sep 19, 2011)

Some of us schedule time to head out to networking events or do a bit of "virtual networking" via social media. During this set time, we have our game face on and are ready to make connections. But what about the other times you're out and about? Are you capitalizing on every opportunity to meet new people and share with them what you do?

The Value of a Card

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The Value of a Card's picture
by Amanda Collins (Sep 3, 2011)

Do you send thank-you cards? It's something I see few people do these days, but having grown up with southern parents, it was ingrained in me from my youth. I sent thank-you cards to everyone who came to my birthday party or gave me presents at the holidays. Stationery was a common gift from my grandmother, who had no idea what to get a pre-teen and then teen girl.


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